Thank you for being apart of my amazing journey!!  As a suggestion, I reluctantly began showcasing my pictures; more specifically, my feet on Twitter mid 2017. As many know, Twitter is an amazing resource for showing personal pictures as there are no limitations.  Literally, none!! However there are so many users, gaining followers was extremely difficult.  This led to my original opinion of nobody was going to be interested in seeing me or my feet. Why would they?!?! I’m a pretty simple woman and the internet is FULL of drop dead gorgeous girls with equally gorgeous feet.  Expecting identical results, I also began on Instagram. I remember being at the gym every morning and getting so excited when I would see a new followers, a new like and especially a comment. To my surprise, I quickly began to gain followers and requests.  I still consider myself to be an Instagram baby as I’m constantly learning so much everyday.  And everyday has been absolutely amazing!! I am so grateful for all the amazing people I have met worldwide and how I can now call so many of them a friend!!

I like to consider myself a down to earth person with an extremely silly personality.  I love to joke around!! Although I would say I find myself and jokes funnier than most would say.  But I love to have fun and just be silly.  I am a wife as well as a mother to three boys.  So an abundance of time is not something I have.  I was also active duty military so I hold integrity, loyalty and respect very near and dear to my heart.  I accept nothing but the absolute best of myself  and promise to always deliver 100% in all that I do. So when you’re browsing my page unsure if I am the one you should select an item from; rest assured I will deliver an amazing product!!

Thank you again for allowing me to satisfy your fetish needs!! I hope to see you all in my members section as you will be able to become apart of my daily life in my members blog.  I will post regular updates and comments throughout the day as well as asking for your opinions.  Don’t forget you will be able to see EVERY side of me . I look forward to getting to know you better and making some amazing products for you!!